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Prints for Palestine

Prints for Palestine

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Pick one!

A Free Palestine print of your choice, or a watermelon laptop sticker of my choice (it's too difficult to keep track of the print numbers on these).

Available separately or as a bundle for a better deal. I will be donating everything except one or two dollars, which I will use for shipping. If you'd like to donate more there's an option to leave a tip at checkout and leave in the order notes that it is for additional donation

I put a lot of thought and debate towards where I wanted to donate. After a lot of researching I'm splitting the donations for more reach. Part of of the money will go to eSims, because Gaza has been experiencing internet blackouts. With these eSims Palestinians are able to get back online- to be able to communicate with each other, and to be able to share with the rest of the world what is happening. The other portion will go towards Operation Olive Branch. This is a mutual aid network of gofundme's for individual families to get out of Gaza which I found through TikTok. It costs thousands of dollars to get through the Rafah Crossing, and there's so many families who need to evacuate. They do not want to leave, but for their safety they do not have another option. 

Operation Olive Branch -

eSims -

Here is the donation breakdown- I don't make you pay additional for shipping, so I will use $1 so I don't end up in the negative.

$11 from every bundle - $5.50 to eSims, $5.50 to Operation Olive Branch

$2 from every sticker - $1 to eSims, $1 to Operation Olive Branch

$9 from every print - $4.50 to eSims, $4.50 to Operation Olive Branch

Both prints feature my interpretation of the Palestinian Kufiya, which has been a symbol of palestinian solidarity, resistance and resilience for decades

5x7 linocut print / 2.5x3 sticker 

*stickers are not waterproof

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